Pricing Transparency

Listen, bestie - money is tight. We get it. We want to be as transparent with you as possible about where the costs for this weekend are and why we chose the price.

Last year was our rookie season of Fat Camp and we learned a LOT. 

We did a detailed budget last year that lead us to this years price. A couple things that caused big shifts in the pricing this year include: 

  • Our venue cost more than doubled (inflation is not playing around)
  • We added an extra day to the itinerary 
  • Our food costs will be double what they were last year (again - this economy!) 
  • We have hired a photographer for more than one day 
  • We are paying our entertainment and hosts 

Last year we did not offer refunds because we knew we were charging far less than we should have, this year people will be entitled to refunds up to 90 days before camp. 

Our budget breakdown looks like this: 

Venue: $16,000
Food: $9,000
Merchandise: $2,500
Entertainment/photographer/supplies for activities: $6,250
Unplanned expenses: $2,500
= $36,250

We have roughly priced the cost of two people in on cabin at $4,000 for a total income of $48,000, leaving us with a profit of $11,750. That profit will be reinvested into our next year so that we can provide participants with more time to sign up for camp, find a larger venue, include more people, and hopefully pass along financial savings to campers. 

The cost to put on an event like this is truly unreal, and until we saw what it took last year I'm not sure either of us were properly prepared. 

Tayanna and Corissa are certainly not event coordinators, but we like to think that the two of them have been really thoughtful in what they are charging and what their time and energy is worth as well as the staff and entertainers. This year we're creating a calendar at camp that will help provide scholarships to campers next year. We have big plans for Fat Camp to only grow from here, and we want to continue to be as open and honest about the financial aspects of everything as we possibly can be.  

We are happy with our pricing and are truly in this because we want to have a bad ass Fat Camp to hang out at with our rad fat friends! If you have any questions about costs, please do not hesitate to ask.

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