Why "Fat Camp"?

Why "Fat Camp"?

Remember the horrible Fat Camps of the 90's and early 2000's? We do too. And we hate them. 

Fat bodies are beautiful, worthy, and deserving of celebration. 

We want to change the game on what Fat Camp really is. No diets. No fat shaming. No forcing our bodies to do things they don't want to do. From here on out Fat Camp is about the joy and love that each of us can bring to one another when we gather as community. Our experiences bonding us together, and understanding one another in a way that is truly unique. 

Being fat in this world can feel really isolating and lonely sometimes. But having fat friends gives us the opportunity to share with people who feel safe.  Attending Fat Camp will give us all a chance to dive right in to an environment that actually was designed for us, creating an opportunity to feel deeply connected and empowered. 

Also - we love crafts. And slumber parties. And snacks. 

We cannot wait to get to know you better, and would be honored if you joined us!


Tay & Corissa 

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